Composer. Producer. Virtuoso Bassist. Engineer. Entrepreneur. Public Speaker. Leader of heavy metal icons MANOWAR.

How do you describe a multi-talent like Joey DeMaio?
“Polymath” comes to mind, also often described as a Renaissance man: someone that the dictionary defines as “a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning”.

To most, De Maio is known as the internationally acclaimed and award-winning virtuoso bass guitarist, founding member, composer, lyricist, engineer, and producer for the world-renowned Rock/Heavy Metal band MANOWAR, who have sold over 30 million records to date, and continue stunning their audiences with sold-out festival and solo performances ranging from 10,000 to 80,000 people a night.
Since their inception, De Maio has successfully steered the career of MANOWAR, who today are more popular than ever, all over the world. 

De Maio is also the visionary behind MANOWAR’s stunning artworks, masterfully brought to life by longtime collaborator, iconic fantasy artist Ken Kelly.

Yet that’s not all.

In 2012, De Maio wrote his first song for an action movie (“El Gringo”) and in 2015 he partnered with games developer Hi-Rez Studios, USA, providing music for their online game SMITE, with a reach of over 1,600,000 fans to date.

An accomplished audio engineer, passionately pursuing the “ultimate sound experience”, De Maio was there in the very inception of immersive audio and now owns one of the world’s leading studios licensed for the leading immersive formats, Valhalla Studios New York.

A self-made man and shining example of how to believe in yourself and to successfully pursue your dreams.


  • Internationally acclaimed, award winning virtuoso bass guitarist
  • Composer, lyricist, and producer
  • Doctor of Music
  • Guitar player since 6 years of age
  • Musical director of national musical productions at only 20 years old
  • Founding member of world-renowned rock/heavy metal band MANOWAR

Joey De Maio founded MANOWAR in 1980 and has since produced over fifteen MANOWAR albums, nine DVDs, and numerous EPs and singles; selling in excess of 30 million units worldwide.

With De Maio at the helm, MANOWAR have earned gold and platinum awards and completed more than 35 tours all over the world, headlining venues averaging between 10,000 and 80,000 sold-out seats.

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President, founder and sole owner of MAGIC CIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP.

The multi-faceted artist is as accomplished on the business side of his industry as he is on the musical side.

In 1999, De Maio founded his own record label, Magic Circle Music, that soon expanded into Magic Circle Entertainment Group (aka “MCE”) that Joey runs with his international team of accomplished business professionals.

Since its inception, Magic Circle Entertainment Group has been entirely self-contained and operates in recording, touring, merchandising, publishing, distribution and many other facets of the music industry.

In 2019, Joey expanded his studios into an over 20,000 square foot facility, VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK, a world leader in immersive audio, equipped with recording, mixing and mastering studios and adjacent offices. With world class, award-winning engineers and the latest state-of-the-art technology VALHALLA STUDIOS NEW YORK are certified for the leading formats in immersive sound (SONY 360RealAudio®, DOLBY ATMOS® and AURO3D®) and provide recording, mixing and mastering services to professional recording artists, up-and-coming talent, movie or games productions.



Whether Joey fires up tens of thousands of fans a night during concerts with his iconic band MANOWAR all over the world (often impressing them with a speech in their native language) or reveals personal stories of his life and career on his spoken word tour – Joey has what it takes to capture the audience. With his vast experience as a musician, engineer and entrepreneur Joey equally fascinates as a keynote speaker in a business environment, providing inspiring and moving narrative combined with real world experience.

Admired for the loyalty, strength and perseverance that he not only writes about in his songs, but lives by example, Joey reaches into his own history, his triumphs and tribulations, making him a motivational speaker who reaches the audience on a personal level, empowering them with the confidence to strive and achieve greatness.

For examples of the enormous impact of MANOWAR’s music and life principles on their fans, click  HERE


Producer. Recording, Editing and Mixing Engineer

In his state-of-the-art recording and engineering studio Joey De Maio and his team of engineers record, mix and master MANOWAR’s legendary sound and facilitate other artists to pursue their very own sonic dreams.

As an accomplished producer and engineer the movie connoisseur has produced recordings not only for musicians from all over the world but also internationally renowned actors such as Sir Christopher Lee (“The Lord Of The Rings”, “Star Wars”), Brian Blessed (“Flash Gordon”, “Henry V”),  Susannah York (“Superman”, “Superman II”, “A Man For All Seasons”), James Cosmo (“Braveheart”, “Game Of Thrones”, “Highlander”) and Hollywood legend Orson Welles (“Citizen Cane”, “Touch Of Evil”, “The Third Man”).

Joey has produced and recorded full orchestras and pipe organ recordings and appeared as special guest conductor with the Cologne Youth Symphony Orchestra in Germany.

In 2012 he received Metal Hammer UK’s “Golden God” Award.


Find out how you can benefit from Joey’s versatility and expertise to further your goals.


Whether you are starting out as an artist or seeking to refocus your career, Joey will use his extensive knowledge and experience to provide you with advise, guidance and input on the various aspects of your career.

In a vastly changed industry, major record labels are reluctant to take risks and invest large sums of money to develop artists – and if they do (or claim they will) – they typically demand not only the lion’s share in the artist’s earnings but also control over the ownership of their works and their artistic freedom. At the same time, opportunities have opened up for artists to take charge of their careers and reach their fans in a more direct way.

With an over 40 year-long international career under his belt, Joey can help you navigate through this ever-changing marketplace. Your individual situation and your vision will be thoroughly analyzed, and a game plan will be created to help you achieve your goals. Building your brand and protecting it, as well as merchandising and international touring are just a few of the areas where Joey can provide you with expertise.

With a far-reaching network of partners, geographically and across professions, Joey De Maio has established an invaluable circle of experts and relationships that he will utilize to your benefit.

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Motivational. Inspirational. Engaging. Charismatic.

Are you planning a meeting, seminar, conference, trade show, convention, or other event?

Then consider working with a trusted expert and charismatic keynote speaker who can engage and entertain your audience, impress them with knowledge and leave a lasting impact.

Whether you want to draw a crowd, enhance engagement among your attendees, kick off your event with an inspirational keynote, get your message across or end with a big bang and a lasting impression – Joey De Maio, with charisma and competence, will enrich your event. A prolific raconteur, Joey can speak about a wide range of topics, from specifics like music, sound or business matters such as brand building to universal themes like hope, courage, perseverance and the power to follow your dreams and win over adversity. 

Joey will customize his involvement in your event specific to your individual needs and will deliver a memorable speech or presentation that will entertain, inspire, educate, and empower the attendees.

From special appearances, meet and greets to inspiring keynote presentations, contact us to book Joey De Maio for your event.


From songwriting, pre-production, recording, editing, mixing, mastering to product delivery and beyond Joey is here to help artists in every aspect of the creative process.

Who better to contact than an artist with a track record of platinum, gold and silver records and 40 years of expertise in the studio and on stage. 

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