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Composer, Producer, Engineer, Virtuoso Bassist, Entrepreneur

How do you describe a multi-talent as Joey DeMaio? “Polymath” comes to mind, also often described as a Renaissance man: someone that the dictionary defines as “a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning”.

Composer. Producer. Virtuoso Bassist. Engineer. Public Speaker. Entrepreneur. Creative mastermind behind world renowned metal icons MANOWAR. To name only a few of his areas of expertise…

To most, DeMaio is known as the internationally acclaimed and celebrated award-winning virtuoso bass guitarist, founding member, composer, lyricist, engineer and producer for the world-renowned Rock/Heavy Metal band MANOWAR.  READ MORE (link to Musician section)

In 2012, DeMaio wrote his first song for an action movie (“El Gringo”) and in 2015 he partnered up with games developer Hi-Rez Studios, USA, providing music for their online game SMITE, with a fan base of over 1,300,000 to date. READ MORE (link to Producer section)

DeMaio is also the visionary behind MANOWAR’s stunning artworks, masterfully brought to life by longtime collaborator Ken Kelly. READ MORE (link to ?? section??)

A self-made man and shining example successfully pursuing ones dreams in the music business, Joey DeMaio has the expertise to consult xxx need some more bla here READ MORE (link to Entrepreneur section)

  • Internationally acclaimed, award winning virtuoso bass guitarist
  • Composer, lyricist, and producer
  • PhD Doctor of Music
  • Guitar player since 6 years of age
  • Musical director of national musical productions at only 20 years old
  • Founding member for the world-renowned rock/heavy metal band MANOWAR

Joey DeMaio founded MANOWAR in 1980 and has since gone on to produce fourteen MANOWAR albums, nine DVD packages and numerous singles, selling in excess of 9 million units worldwide.
With DeMaio at the helm, MANOWAR have earned numerous gold and platinum awards and completed more than 35 tours all over the world, headlining venues that average between 10,000 and 50,000 sold-out seats.

Joey holds a Ph.D. in Musical Arts and, prior to his rise to fame with the ‘Kings of Metal’ – MANOWAR – he earned his accolades as the musical director and bass guitarist for national touring productions of Jesus Christ Superstar,Hair, Godspelland You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

For more about MANOWAR click HERE


Mixing, Editing and Mastering Engineer

In his state of the art recording and engineering studio Joey DeMaio and his team of engineers and record, mix and master MANOWAR’s legendary sound and facilitate other artists to pursue their very own sonic dreams.

As an accomplished recording engineer the movie connoisseur has produced recordings with world-renowned actors such as Sir Christopher Lee, Brian Blessed, Susannah York and Hollywood legend Orson Welles. Joey has produced and recorded full orchestras and pipe organ recordings and appeared as special guest conductor with the Cologne Youth Symphony Orchestra in Germany.


spoken word

history of mw


President and Founder/Sole Owner of MAGIC CIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

The multi-faceted artist is as accomplished on the business side of his industry as he is on the music side.

In 1999, DeMaio founded his own record label, Magic Circle Music, that soon expanded into Magic Circle Entertainment Group that Joey runs with his international team of accomplished business professionals.

Since its inception, Magic Circle Entertainment Group is entirely self-contained and has gone on to encompass touring, merchandising, publishing, and distribution.

In 2007, Magic Circle Entertainment Group hosted its first music festival, “Magic Circle Festival” that in the first four years already attracted crowds of more than 50,000 people and has since become a household name for true metal fans all around the world.


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