MANOWARRIORS, prepare yourselves, to charge into a new year, as new battles and triumphs await us! 💪

One question often asked of me is: “Why are MANOWAR fans so fiercely loyal?”

The answer, I believe, lies in the deeply ingrained values MANOWAR represents.

Being a MANOWARRIOR is more than just about music; it’s an eternal testament and a sacred vow to the principles we few hold dear:

🔥 honor

🔥 loyalty

🔥 integrity

🔥 steadfastness

These are more than just words to us; they are our way of life!

It’s about being true not just to others, but also to ourselves.

We live a simple, powerful creed: Commitment!

Commitment to our friends and family; to giving our very best in everything we do, while staying true to our course, no matter whatever befalls us.
This unyielding courage and dedication are what fuel us.

Our mission is to unite all who share this spirit!

Through our music and our message, we aim to inspire everyone to find and understand their inner self.
This will be brought about by working towards these aspirations with confidence, free of self-doubt.

We are proud of how our community has grown over the years, inspiring like-minded souls from across the globe.
This is a testament to the enduring power of our principles, echoing through time and carried in the soul of our music.

In the new year, we will continue to stand together, powered by our unbreakable bond of unity and celebrating our shared passion for true metal.

Let’s inspire each other to soar to even greater heights in the year ahead. 

Stay true, be strong, and always remember to live a powerful life!

MANOWARRIORS, happy New Year! 🤘