Many of you have asked about new episodes of my podcast. First of all I have to say that the overwhelming response to the first season was totally unexpected and is much appreciated. I love doing it and am honored... Read More

Interview Alert: Monday, August 2, from 13.00 EEST on Z-Rock Radio Bulgaria

Check out my interview with the Queen of Z-Rock Bulgaria, Elena Rosberg, on Monday August 2nd at 1PM EEST on Z-Rock Radio. Elena and I last met in person in 2019 and caught up by phone this time, talking about... Read More

When You’re At The Bottom, The Only Way Is Up

People often ask me how over the course of my career I have dealt with and continue to deal with adversity, disappointment or tragedy and sometimes pure negativity. To me, the “secret” to a fulfilled life is the realization that... Read More

Happy New Year

I think enough has been said about 2020, and I am sure we are all ready for 2021. But despite everything, or rather because of it, 2020 was a year that brought to mind things that are truly important: Our... Read More

of “Words Of Power – With Joey DeMaio” Is Now Online! Guest: Eric Adams (part 2)

Eric Adams shares career advice and more life lessons, takes another trip down memory lane with Joey, and the secret how Eric became the greatest metal singer and frontman of all time is finally revealed! Don’t miss the new episode... Read More

Episode 5 Of ‘Words Of Power With Joey DeMaio’ Is Now Online! Guest: Eric Adams

Did you know that before his career in MANOWAR, Eric Adams was a successful child star? Or how the band’s first TV performance almost ended in disaster, had it not been for Eric’s skills and experience. That and more in... Read More

Episode 4 Of ‘Words Of Power With Joey DeMaio’ Is Now Online! About Orson Welles.

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse This quote by French painter Henri Matisse is true on so many levels. A perfect example is the career of the great Orson Welles. At only 25 years old Welles wrote, directed, and acted in... Read More

Episode 3 of “Words Of Power – With Joey DeMaio” Is Out Now! About Courage.

Episode 3 of “Words Of Power – With Joey DeMaio” is out now. This week’s episode is about COURAGE. Check it out and let me know in the comments what you thought of it. If you like my podcast, subscribe... Read More

Episode 2 Of ‘Words Of Power’ Is Now Online!

True metal, the challenges of foreign language speeches, the dream of a lifetime, and more. Episode 2 of my podcast #wordsofpower is online! Check it out on all major podcast platforms including but not limited to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher,... Read More

Thanks for the great feedback on my podcast

Thanks to all of you for the great feedback in response to my podcast, it means a lot. It’s exciting to see that within just 2 days episode 1 of “WORDS OF POWER – With Joey DeMaio” had already reached... Read More