MANOWAR’s Joey DeMaio Releases Episode 1 Of New Podcast “WORDS OF POWER – With Joey DeMaio”

How can a person constantly challenged by adversity and controversy succeed against all odds, develop a successful long-lasting career and live a rewarding life?

In his new podcast, WORDS OF POWER, multi-talent Joey DeMaio talks about the life lessons that helped him achieve this and live his dream.

Topics will be diverse; providing entertainment and motivation to many, as the podcast will touch ideas and mindsets that are in many ways relevant to all, in various areas of life.
Joined by a wide range of guests Joey will talk not only about his band, metal heavyweights MANOWAR, running a world-class music studio and how to navigate through the ever-changing music industry, he will also speak about values that can help everyone to overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals.

“Courage. Confidence. Determination. Passion… These are some of the words that provide us with the strength to face hard times but also the faith to follow our dreams and accomplish our goals!” said Joey DeMaio. “These words connect us all, whoever we are, wherever we live, regardless of race, gender, age, social status.”
Episode 1 of WORDS OF POWER shares highlights from an interview with renowned video editor Kevin P. McAuliffe, recorded for MANOWAR’s upcoming Blu-ray “Hell On Earth VI”. Joey and Kevin discuss MANOWAR’s The Final Battle Tour, memorable shows near the Arctic Circle and across Russia and their historic first performance in Mexico, headlining a festival for 40,000 Manowarriors – a testament to the band’s loyal followers whose persistence has brought MANOWAR to many new territories.

Asked about the motivation to launch a podcast and personal website, DeMaio explained: “This comes in response to requests that I receive every day from people seeking advice. Some are asking career questions, others want guidance regarding difficult situations, or because they are at a turning point in their life and need encouragement and inspiration. Family and friends have encouraged me to share my experiences as a musician and entrepreneur with over four decades of successes and challenges. If I can help just one person get through tough times or help them to follow their dream it will be one of my life’s greatest rewards.”

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