Why did I choose this title for my podcast?

Because words of power can guide us to live a powerful life!

Courage. Confidence. Determination. Passion… These are some of the words that provide us with the strength to face hard times but also the faith to follow our dreams and accomplish our goals!

These words connect us all, wherever we live, and regardless of race, gender, age, social status or any other “box” some people like to use.

There is no better proof than the worldwide MANOWAR family: connected and united by universal values that the band and I have always strived to carry forth through our music.

We feel honored that so many of you have decided to send their Manowarrior For Life story to us, so that we in turn can share it with the public. I will be talking more about these remarkable stories in my podcasts.

Over the years, through e-mail and other ways, many of you have expressed how being a MANOWAR fan has gifted you with friends and family all over the world and how you felt an instant connection to people you met at a MANOWAR concert. You have shared how our music and the values it stands for have helped you through your darkest hours; made you stronger, made you brave.

You will notice that even a podcast that talks about topics like The Final Battle 2019/2020 Tour and the upcoming Hell On Earth VI Blu-ray disc we are currently working (stay tuned for updates!) will also bring us back to words of power: Persistence – demonstrated by our loyal Manowarriors in Mexico, Russia, the Ukraine and other places that have demanded to see MANOWAR for decades and finally forced promoters to bring us there; Determination – shown by our amazing crew who tirelessly give their all, every single (and long!) touring day, so you can witness a killer show, every time. Courage – like in the 17-year old boy from Brazil who loved the band and left home and family behind to follow his dreams and who has since become one of our most trusted Soldiers Of Death.

Working day and night on Hell On Earth VI for you I have not forgotten my promise and will soon give you Episode 1 of Words Of Power. I hope that what you hear will inspire, motivate and entertain you and help you lead the life of your dreams, the same way your faith and loyalty have driven me onward to pursue my own dreams.

Let me know what topics and words of power you want to hear about, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Live a powerful life!