I received this message below from a longtime, loyal MANOWAR fan and true brother.
He wanted me to share this with all of you.

It is both humbling and rewarding to know that our music and values empower people and help them find their inner strength.

Thank you, brother, your words are truly inspirational.

Joey :

my reason for the email is I wanted to say thank you….I don’t want to miss the chance to say thank you for everything ….all the years of friendship and guidance and advice ……you have always been there for me when I needed not someone or just anyone but a superhuman, a super hero  who always has been able to pull me from the darkest depths with a few magical and powerful  words of wisdom and insight.

when I was ever in doubt and I could not find my path or my way,  I would always grab my bong ( and still do )  , do a few hits and ask myself  “what would Joey do ?? how would Joey handle this ??? would he cower and run …NO WAY !!!!! so there is but one path , KICK ASS UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE ASSES TO KICK !!!!! ”

ancestral genetics may be the reason I am what I am , always have been and always will be …BUT YOU woke that up in me …YOU brought out the true inner me ….I credit you wholly and totally for helping me remove my head from my ass and use the genius level intelligence I was blessed with ….

I credit and thank Manowar for helping me weather every bad ” storm ” I came across …had it not been for the power of Manowar metal , my life would not be what it is today ….you showed me that I am NOT some flesh and blood being that is enslaved to a darkened world of lies and false truth with no hope  …but I am something more …something good and powerful ,…something noble and righteous … YOU and Manowar give me the power and strength to stand up in the face of ANYTHING and know that I WILL succeed !!!! I CANNOT be defeated !!!!!

I also credit my ascension to you as well …..if you thought I was not paying attention when you spoke and told me about ” the real magical mystical energy force that guides us through life ” ….or how to find , pull and manifest the POWER hidden within Manowar music ….well not only did I find that POWER ..I was able to tap into the source , and wield the power to help manifest things / situations / outcomes in my life ….you helped me discover meditation ( through my desire to reach the astral plane )  you made me open my eyes and wake up ….this enabled me to research the truth ….my past , the truth about who and what I am and where I come from … and all of this I owe to you …..

so thank you from the bottom of my heart and every last cell in my body , you have not only meant and still mean the world to me but you have made the most positive influence in me and made me a much better being overall ….

thank you for everything you have given me