WORDS OF POWER, coming to you as podcast and blog, is a way for me to reach people directly and address topics that I think will be interesting and of value to you.
It is also a platform for you to reach me, so that I can address things that you would like to hear, not just about my music and MANOWAR.

Topics will be diverse and range from updates on projects I am working on, being an entrepreneur and a musician, navigating through the ever-changing music industry to my personal experiences and life itself. I’ll also bring on guests that have impressed or inspired me and that I believe you will enjoy, too.

Even if you are not a musician or an entrepreneur, I believe you’ll find great value in these WORDS OF POWER, as they will touch ideas, values and mindsets that are relevant in many ways, to all of us, in all areas of life.

WORDS OF POWER and my new website come in response to the many emails, private messages and other requests that I receive every day from people asking for advice; sometimes regarding their careers but also regarding difficult situations, overcoming obstacles or because they are at a turning point in their life and need encouragement and inspiration. As a musician and entrepreneur with over four decades of successes and challenges it is my honor to share my experiences with you.

Follow my blog on joeydemaio.com, my social media pages on Instagram and Twitter and my soon-to-be-launched podcast WORDS OF POWER and use these platforms to let me know what topics YOU want!

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.