Many people’s jobs have been affected by the unprecedented global lockdown; those working in live entertainment being among those hit the hardest.

We remain optimistic that soon the crisis will be finally over, and that those working in this industry can return to their jobs (and everyone else, for that matter).

Riggers, carpenters, sound engineers, lighting crew, video operators, stagehands and many others… the list is long, and each function is important!
The number of crew members may vary, but one fact remains the same: without them the audience would not be able to fully enjoy the concert, the musical, the play, or any other live event they visit.
And of course, we, the performers, would literally not be able to play.

It is the crew that, within just a few hours, turns an empty venue into a magical place that, once the lights go out and the show begins, transports the viewer into a different world, letting them escape their daily lives and enjoy themselves. As soon as the lights turn back on, everything is taken down and packed up, with no time to spare, and off to the next gig. This means long hours and great responsibility and yet, for most, this isn’t just “a job”; it’s a life and a lifestyle they wouldn’t trade for anything.

To us, they are our Soldiers, our Family!

We can’t wait to be reunited with our fantastic crew again and bringing you all an ass-kicking Crushing The Enemies Of Metal 2022 Anniversary Tour! It’s going to be BIG, and packed with surprises to make up for the forced wait.

In the meantime, whatever you can do to support those that make your live experience a great one is appreciated.

And next time you attend a MANOWAR show, or any other live event, think of those heroes behind the stage and all around you that made it happen and give them an extra round of applause!

They may not share the limelight, but they are, each in their own right, real superstars!

Photos: Sebastian Konopka (c) 2019 Magic Circle Entertainment All rights reserved