Many of you have asked about new episodes of my podcast.
First of all I have to say that the overwhelming response to the first season was totally unexpected and is much appreciated.
I love doing it and am honored that my Words Of Power, whether as podcast, live on my Spoken Word Tours or in written form, motivate people and encourage them to achieve their goals.
I am planning new episodes for the future, but at this time I am working on a number of projects that require my full attention and dedication.
They include, in no particular order
– writing and recording new music
– preparing for our upcoming 2022 Anniversary Tour
– completing Hell On Earth VI, our live DVD/Blu-ray featuring performances and behind-the-scenes footage from our 2019/2020 Final Battle Tour
– completing our second immersive recording and mixing studio
I can’t wait to share the results of this work with all of you soon.
Rest assured, my Words Of Power podcast will return and I have already scheduled many interesting guests.
In the meantime: Stay strong, never give up, and live a powerful life!
PS: For those of you who have not listened to all episodes of season 1 yet, you can find “Words Of Power – With Joey DeMaio” on all major podcasting platforms. Check them out and share your thoughts.